Discover the truth about running red lights


A 67 year-old housekeeper was on her way to her second job on Connecticut Avenue when a another car ran a red light.  A teenage driver decided she couldn't be bothered to stop at the red light.  After running the light, this driver "T-Boned" the housekeeper's car.  The teenage driver on her way home from an exclusive private school (driving her father's car).   The cars were both totaled and the housekeeper taken by ambulance to the hospital.

An MRI and CT scan showed the force of the collision with the young driver herniated a disk in the housekeeper's neck.  She was hospitalized and underwent a cervical fusion (neck surgery).  After therapy and rehab for the neck injury, the case was settled for an undisclosed amount with the father's insurance company.

We like to call Washington, DC the "Wild Wild West," because a lot of things fly here, including routine traffic violations. We believe that you should always be prepared for an auto accident, even if you are just a commuter (or maybe especially if).

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