DC Hospital Pays Every Dime to Nurse Hurt at Work

What is it with DC hospitals that they think they can get away with everything? Whether they hurt a patient due to medical malpractice or one of their workers gets hurt on the job, they never want to accept full responsibility.

Not this time.

When an operating room nurse hit her head on equipment while assisting the surgeon and got a concussion, she couldn't work.  Not only were her symptoms too severe to return to work, she was seeing a concussion specialist at the hospital she worked at as her treating physician.  And her doctor - the hospital's doctor - said she could not return to the OR. 

And think about it - how could an operating nurse function during surgeries with headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate and focus, fatigue, etc.

This nurse had worked long and hard to get into the operating room.  She loved the challenge and the work and she made a lot of money doing it, because she was one of the best, but she was nervous and worried about what the hospital was doing with her workers comp case. They paid her benefits and treatment for awhile.  But then, instead of believing their own doctors - concussion specialists, the hospital's workers comp insurance hired an "IME" physician to do an Insurance Medical Exam. 

Even though she was injured, Her Income Was In Jeopardy

The IME doctor said she could return to work immediately, even though she was still experiencing serious symptoms and her treating doctor said she couldn't work. She tried but couldn't keep up with the demands because of her injury.  They cut off her weekly income benefits.  Without money coming in, she was forced to give up her apartment and move in with her parents to make ends meet.

So we took over her case to make it right and get her the benefits she needed. And on the eve of the court hearing, the hospital caved.  They started to offer money - at first 1/2 of what was due.  We said no.  Then 3/4. No again.  Our team wanted it all for this nurse - she was the one forced to move out of her apartment. And in the end, we got it.  Best of all, after more treatment, the nurse was able to go back to working in the OR, doing what she loves, and has been symptom-free.

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