When You Have a Heavy Duty Job, You Have To Take Care of Your Body. That's Why Workers Comp Is So Important in Washington, DC

This injured worker had a job in Washington, DC where he had to be in good physical shape all the time.

He worked at a school doing intervention work, which Charter School Worker Settles Case After Rotator Cuff Injurymeans he had to be able to restrain almost fully grown men. And the day he was injured was just like any other day: he was just doing his job, and doing it very well. Unfortunately he injured his neck and shoulder during an altercation. And since we have helped him with a work injury in the past (lots of times we get to help people more than once if they are heavy-duty workers in DC) he called us right away. Of course, we helped him.

A person with a rotator cuff and neck injury like Terry often has to make a decision about surgery; are they going to wait it out and try physical therapy or go ahead and get surgery? Terry opted for what what call "conservative treatment" and fortunately, it worked. And of course he had an "Independent" Medical Exam (IME) along the way - these exams are always used to limit benefits and claim the injury isn't as bad as it really is. 

We always help our clients make the best decisions for them and their family. Surgery is not the best option for everyone, and we worked hard to keep Terry's benefits and medical treatment going until he was ready to go back to work. And he's back to working now.

Congratulations, Terry! We are so excited for you. Keep up the good work!

Have You Been Seriously Injured At Work In Washington DC And Worried About Losing Your Income?

Most every injured worker we speak to is worried about losing their income. But don't let that fear keep you from getting the medical treatment and benefits you need and deserve after a work injury. And don't fall for the lies and misinformation that you are getting from an insurance adjuster or nurse case manager. Before you speak to anyone from the insurance company (The Hartford, Travelers, Sedgwick) just give us a call for some free information. You have nothing to lose by contacting us - we will give you some clear direction about what your next steps should be and you can avoid the common mistakes that most people make after being injured at work.

Call us today at 202-393-3320 if you want to take care of yourself and your family. 


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