A Case Of Neligence In Obsetrical Care Results In Permanent DamageFetal Distress Leads To Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis DC Hospital

Hospital residents must follow established obstetrical rules to prevent injury to the unborn baby.  In this obstetrical malpractice case, settled for a confidential amount in the District of Columbia, they ignored bleeding - a grave sign of fetal distress and because they ignored a well known warning sign, decided not to deliver the baby right away.

Had they delivered the baby at that time, instead of deciding to wait, they would have avoided the baby's complications and injuries that included cerebral palsy and brain damage.  The child will require life-time care as a result of the avoidable injuries suffered at birth. 

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If you think your child's cerebral palsy may have been caused by brain asphyxia or any other issue with delayed delivery, contact our aggressive cerebral palsy lawyers today. Children with serious cerebral palsy will need care for the rest of their lives. The doctor or institution that caused the injury should be the ones to pay for the treatment, specialists, equipment, etc. that the child will surely need.


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