Worried about providing for a special needs child?

Every parent worries about their children.

But when a child's special needs, injury or disability are caused by a preventable medical mistake at birth or in a hospital, you have even more to worry about.

How will you provide for your child's therapies, medical needs, nursing care, wheelchairs, transportation and equipment he needs if you lose your job, or get hurt or sick?  Worse yet, who will care for your chld if something happens to you? And what will you do when your child is grown but can't support himself because of his disabilities?

These are things our clients worry about every day.  We can help take care of your worries.

We developed and published a resource guide, free to any parent of a special needs child and that can help with resources that are available in the D.C. area - camps, respite care, transportation, etc.  but how can you pay for it all or keep it going?

We investigate the cause of a child's disability to see if there were preventable medical mistakes that caused your child's injuries - mistakes the hospital never told you about, but always suspected by the way you were treated. 

There is no substitute for getting all of the information about your child's condition.  We help get that for you.

If you would like more information about investigating whether preventable medical mistakes were the cause of a child's serious medical condition, call us today at (202) 393 - 3320.  Let us start taking care of some of those worries. 


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