Insurance adjusters are not your friends and they are not interested in your recovery.

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Workers Comp insurance adjusters are not your friends - and they are not interested in you, your health, your finances or the effect your injury has had on your family. 

We receive calls every so often from people hurt who have had their workers comp claims denied by an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies are in business for their shareholders (e.g. the people who are vested in their company and are expecting big profits).  Its a common misconception, but a workers comp insurance company has no duty to an injured worker - and they sure don't act like it, either. Oftentimes an adjuster will deny a claim just to see if the injured worker will fight it.

First of all, never give an adjuster a recorded statement. They will just use it to try to deny your claim. And they will request your entire medical history - they'll ask you to sign a medical authorization or release to get your medical records. Fell off your bike and broke your arm when you were 12?  And now you say you hurt your shoulder lifting a bag of concrete at work?  Sounds suspicious...that's how they think.  A statement will just deny or delay your case. Signing a medical records release could give them reasons to deny your claim down the road.

And to top it off, some won't even give you a copy of the statement (their questions and your answers) at least until you litigate the case against them. You can request it during Discovery, but you don't want to get to that point unless you have to. And if your claim is denied, you definitely need an attorney. You don't want to litigate your case on your own without an experienced DC workers comp lawyer (a DC workers comp case is just like a trial, with opening statements, evidence, witnesses, closing arguments) - just to get the benefits you're entitled to, that will keep you and your family safe.

Do you need a lawyer for your workers comp case in DC?

For a minor injury that doesn't prevent you from working, the answer is no.  But for any serious injury, with surgery, rehab, therapy, time missed from work and the possibility of not being able to return to your job because of the injury, you'd be taking a huge risk with your health and finances without an experienced DC workers comp lawyer handling your case.

As I say over and over (and wrote a book with the same title): Protect Your Rights. The adjuster and nurse case manager, vocational counselor - they all work for the insurance company and their duty is to the insurance company, not the injured worker. If you don't have the right information, you'll be jumping through hoops before you know it and to what end? You don't want to be stuck playing the insurance company's game.

Have you been injured at work? Are insurance adjusters giving you the "run around"?

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