Workers paralyzed in construction accidents

A worker who falls or is crushed on the job or who has a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the on-the-job injury will get workers compensation benefits.  Medical care and treatment, medical equipment, benefits for not being able to work, etc.

And in a construction site accident or car accident that happened on the job, there is the potential for other damages against the person or company who caused the injury.

With two long wars, we're seeing too many veterans - heroes - coming home with these type of injuries, caused by IEDs, truck and transport accidents, and battlefield wounds.  The VA and Congress are trying to address how to help our vets and one of the things they are considering is providing assistance starting a family when reproductive cpapbilities are damaged.

Because we've represented a number of people who have been paralyzed in civil cases and from work injuries, I was interviewed recently by a reporter on this story and got to learn a little more about it and some of the proposed legislation.

Workers comp and civil lawsuits have their limits, of course.  And I'm not suggesting a successful case will ever make someone who has been seriously injured whole again.  

But Congress has the power to help heroes who served us all - and they should do everything they can. 

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