Fatalities serve as a reminder to protect workers from demolition hazards.

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In New Jersey, a construction worker was taking down a sign on a building when the wall of the building fell and trapped and killed him. Six months before that incident, a construction worker in Chicago was struck and killed by pieces of falling concrete while construction renovations were taking place on a shopping mall, reported WorkersCompensation.com. Ultimately, these deaths could have been prevented.

In order to help prevent these tragedies and to save lives, OSHA has developed resources and training for the construction and demolition industry. Assistant Secretary of Labor For Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels stated, "demolition workers face many hazards and their lives should not be sacrificed because of deliberate neglect of demolition fundamentals...employers must ensure that all workers involved in demolition project are fully aware of hazards and safety precautions before work begins and as it progresses."

Recently, OSHA launched and updated its demolition website to address the hazards common in demolition. Also the safety measures that can be taken to prevent them.

From 2009 to 2013, 1,000 citations for violations were given out by OSHA on the construction demolition standards. The most common citation issued was for the failure to conduct an engineering survey that would determine the condition of the structure prior to demolition.

OSHA is also providing demolition training courses on construction safety to federal, state and local government personnel with construction safety responsibilities.

It is important that all employers are protecting their construction workers from fatalities that can occur at work sites.

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For more information head over to the OSHA website as well as WorkersCompensation.com.

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