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Just before Christmas, based on a litigation doctor's bought and paid for opinion, a mechanic's workers comp benefits were stopped because the hired gun doctor didn't think he needed arthroscopic surgery.  This surgery - designed to diagnose as well as fix a problem - is used to diagnose and surgically repair meniscal tears in the knee and rotator cuff tears in the shoulder.  

Glad to report, the surgery was authorized and benefits re-started before the hearing.  This means the mechanic will get his work related knee injury fixed sooner and hopefully he'll be back to work sooner as well, with less recovery time and restrictions.  

This is one of the many successes we have seen happen when it comes to workers' compensation. We are glad to see that the surgery was authorized and the employee got what he deserved. When going through a workers' compensation claim, do not go it alone. Hire a lawyer that can help you every step of the way. Contact us and download one of many guides and reports for more information.

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