Worker's Compensation For Security Guards Hurt At Work

We represent a number of injured security guards that work in Washington, DC. Most people do not realize what a heavy duty job security guards have.
Security guards are often injured breaking up fights.
A number of charter schools and public schools in Washington DC contract security to private security firms. Many of the schools serve at risk students and students with physical and mental disabilities.
In order to protect protect students and teachers and administrators, security guards often need to step in to break up fights, separate students, and restrain them from hurting others.
We’ve seen this lead to a number of serious injuries, like rotator cuff tears, ACL tears, herniated discs in the neck and back, and other serious work injuries.

When A Security Guard Is Injured At Work, They Should Be Receiving Worker's Compensation Benefits

Even with a legitimate, serious injury caused by breaking up fights, many worker’s compensation insurance companies deny the claim or delay the payment of monetary benefits and medical treatment. They will often blame a current injury on some prior medical problem or say they do not have enough information to determine whether the injury qualifies for Worker’s Compensation in DC.

If You Have A Serious Work Injury in D.C., Get An Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney To Help

Our D.C. workers compensation lawyer literally wrote the book on the DC Worker’s Compensation system. And our board-certified attorneys have been representing people in serious injury cases for more than 27 years.
Your health and finances are too serious to trust to an inexperienced lawyer. Make sure you get the best advice and representation for your self and your family. Call us today at 202-393-3320 to get started.
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