We see this all the time.  When someone is serioualy hurt on the job, the workers comp insurance company hires a "nurse case manager" to meet with the injured worker, help them get the medical treatment their injury requires, be referred to the right specialist, and get their treatment and tests approved - yeah, right.

The job of these people is to reduce the insurance company costs, steer injured workers to insurance doctors and bully injured workers and their physicians.

Here's an actual case that happened to someone before I represented them.  The nurse case manager convinced the injured worker (who had a serious injury and was recovering from surgery) and his doctor to accept light duty restrictions so teh worker could enter a vocational rehabilitation program and start looking for work he could do once he recovered. Sounds great so far.

But as soon as the doctor and patient agreed to the light duty restrictions, the insurance company stopped his benefits and fired him (turns out his employer had lost a contract while he was recuperating from surgery).  And the nurse case manager?  Never heard from her again... 

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