Nursing is a physical job and nurses are at risk of getting hurt at work.Workers Comp Lawyers Representing Nurses in DC

What does a nurse do at a hospital? Care for patients - and that can include moving, lifting, restraining a patient if need be, picking up a patient who fainted, calming a patient who is violent, turning a patient who is paralyzed or incapacitated, providing emergency care to a patient having a heart attack, stroke, seizure, or some other medical event. Many times a nurse can be off balance, or carrying medications or equipment when he or she is called on to provide emergency care or assistance.  

And that doesn't even include the risk of contagious diseases, infections and illness. 

A recent example of the health risk nurses face working in a hospital is a nurse who contracted a deadly, infectious disease at work and sued the hospital she worked in.

If this happened in D.C., could a nurse sue the hospital he or she worked in?

It depends on whether the nurse was a hospital employee. After an injury at work in Washington, D.C., an employee cannot sue his or her employer - the exclusive or only, remedy is workers compensation.  Occasionally a nurse is an employee of a nursing agency or some other outside corporation and would be able to sue the hospital if the hospital's negligence caused the injury.

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