Workers Comp Benefits for High Income Workers in DCWorkers Comp in DC for High Income Workers

Let's face it, the District and its suburbs is an expensive area to live.  And more and more, people earning significant incomes are getting hurt on the job.

When you get hurt at work, workers comp benefits can pay for your lost income, medical care, surgeries, hospitalizations and permanent injuries, so you and your family don't lose everything you've worked hard for.

Some people who've reached a high income level think they can handle the workers comp system on their own - and why shouldn't they think that, they've handled everything their whole lives.  But this is different, its a complex, archaic system of insurance, bureaucracy, administrative law, statutes, regulations and case law.

That's why we represent some really smart high achievers and high income workers when they get hurt at work - doctors, professional athletes, union workers, high end sales reps.

Here's one example that shows why you need an experienced lawyer specializing in workers comp and disability issues, just like you need a CPA to do your taxes.

High Wage Earners Need to File in DC If They Get Hurt on the Job

If you are earning $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 per week, you have a lot to protect.

And if you have any connection with Maryland or Virginia - you live in one of those states, you occasionally go to an office or worksite there, your company headquarters is in Maryland or Virginia, the workers comp insurance company will encourage you to file your workers comp claim in either Maryland or Virginia.


All workers compensation insurance companies, (like The Hartford, Chubb, Travelers, Liberty Mutual, etc.) have experienced adjusters and claims professionals who only handle cases where people were earning $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 per week.  Because they know those claims will be expensive for the insurance company - so they want their best people keeping those costs down, containing costs for medical treatment, weekly benefits, permanent injury benefits, and everything else you should get when you're legitimately injured under the workers comp system.

These high end insurance adjusters know the secret that you don't know about D.C. workers comp...and they will never tell you.

The secret they don't want you to know is that once you file a claim for workers comp benefits in another state, you can't come back and file in D.C.  Even if you didn't realize you should have filed in DC, even if the "helpful, professional and courteous" adjuster sent you the forms to sign and said she would take care of it, even if you made a mistake.

Why does that matter?

At your high income rate, the workers comp benefits will be 2/3 of your average weekly wages (but there are no taxes on workers comp benefits).  But Maryland, Virginia and DC all have limits on the amount of benefits an injured worker can receive every week.

For 2021 the maximum workers comp rates payable are:

  • Maryland     $1,050.00
  • Virginia        $1,137.00
  • D.C.             $1,553.87

So if you are a high income worker - and that can include bonuses, overtime, incentives, differentials, commissions, any type of income you earn (including income from a second job or business) your benefits could be $500 less if you file your workers comp claim in Maryland - every single week you'd get $500 less, that's $30,000 (tax free) you would lose every year.

That's why the professional insurance adjusters get paid so well.

High Wage Earners Trust Us to Handle Their Workers Comp Benefits

First of all, our experienced DC workers comp lawyer literally wrote the book on D.C. Workers Compensation (plus published a guide just for professional athletes hurt playing for DC pro sports teams).

We won't let you make a mistake that will cost you $500 every single week.

Because even if the insurance company adjuster can't get you to file your claim in the wrong jurisdiction, there are dozens of other mistakes they will force you into, and you may not even know you're making a mistake that could cost you.  Remember, that insurance company adjuster has a whole team behind her - insurance lawyers, insurance doctors, case managers, nurses, investigators - who do you have working for you and your family?

Our Experienced DC Workers Comp Attorneys Handle Everything for You

We're not for everybody and we don't pretend to be.  We don't just take any case, and we only work with people with serious injuries - people we can help get the most out of their case and get on with their lives.  Sometimes that means a career change, retirement, or other opportunities.

We're here to coach you and help you every step of the way.

Let us take care of the anxiety, worry and uncertainty you have being in an unfamiliar, complicated system where you have no control.

We've created a resource for high achievers who get hurt on the job.  Just call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 to claim your copy of this valuable information.

And if you're ready for a fantastic client experience, like you've never had before, call us today at (202) 393 - 3320 to get started.

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