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Professional Athletes are Just Like Any Other Worker When It Comes to Workers Comp

Most people don't realize how short and injury filled most pro players careers are.  In researching my latest guide on work injuries, The Pro Athlete's Guide to Workers Compensation, I was surprised to learn the facts. I'd known from representing pro athletes in the past that it was an up and down road to the bigCan A Football Player Get Workers' Comp for A Knee Injury leagues and that most players never get the big contracts we read about each offseason.

And as more medical information and science has come to light on concussions and their after effects for football players and other pro athletes, we are seeing many former players who can't get the medical treatment and benefits they need.

Remember, there are many, many, many players who play for minimum contracts for a short time and have devastating career ending injuries.

For pro athletes playing baseball, hockey, basketball or football in D.C., this is really about your career, financial stability and long term health and all we do is represent people with serious injuries, so we work with you and your agent to maximize your recovery. 

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