With many doctors and nurses working to help those infected with Ebola, would a doctor or nurse who contracts the virus be covered by workers compensation?

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The Ebola virus has proven to be a real threat to healthcare workers - nurses and doctors caring for infected patients in the hospital.  And if a healthcare worker contracts the disease from a patient, he or she should get workers compensation benefits in D.C.

Basically, an occupational disease is just like the name sounds - it's a disease contracted at work in the course of employment.

Some states require an increased risk to the healthcare worker, or that it be "peculiar to the work" rather than the general population - that should be easy to prove.  

One insurance article we saw seemed to say exposure to Ebola would not be covered by workers comp - it was a general statement and pretty bogus. 

But its a good reminder that workers comp varies state by state - D.C., Maryland and Virginia all have different workers compensation laws, systems and benefits, so check the requirements where you work or were exposed.

We've helped a lot of nurses get workers comp benefits and medical treatment after getting hurt on the job at a hospital - including benefits the hospital never told them about.  And we've learned that nursing is a heavy duty, physical job.

If you are a healthcare worker hurt on the job and you want more information, or want to know whether your hospital is telling you the truth about your rights and benefits, please call us at (202) 393 - 3320.  We'll talk to you, give you our impressions and send you a book on Workers Compensation - all for free.

So give us a call and see whether your employer is telling you the truth.

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