Workplace Violence

You may have seen the article that we posted a few years ago about the tragic shooting at the Navy Yard.   We are still dealing with the aftershock of a man opening fire on a group of members of Congress and their staffers while practicing for the Congressional charity baseball game.  These types of horrific tragedies call into question the definition of "scope of employment" for people working with public figures, in public positions and of course victims of crimes such as these. Certainly, these folks are functioning in their work capacity. 

What if you are the victim of a crime like this at a company baseball practice or picnic: does that count as the scope of their employment? We certainly think so, because you are there representing your employer whether it is a charity event, corporate event, etc.

Regardless, our thoughts and prayers are with Majority Whip Steve Scalise and his family, along with the Capitol Police officers and others injured in this senseless act of violence.  

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