A camera assistant died on the site of the Gregg Allman biographical film in Georgia.

The parents of camera assistant Sara Jones, have filed a wrongful death suit against the CSX rail line, the Rayonier landowning company and others, when she was struck by a train while working on a movie. 

The suit alleges wrongful death and neglect. The defendant that was named was Randall Miller, the director and the producer of the independent film as well as other individuals and companies that had been associated with "Midnight Rider" (the name of the independent film).

The New York Times reported that CSX did not give authorization for filming and failed to clear the tracks properly, and Rayonier, who had been given access to land around the CSX tracks, had not sufficiently warned the movie crew of the danger.

The accident also injured many other workers and spurred widespread calls for closer monitoring of safety on film sets. OSHA is said to be investigating this incident, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board.

According to reports by the local news in Wayne County, GA, Sara Jones and others on the film set were under the false impression that they had permission to shoot on the tracks where the accident had occurred.

Accidents on film sets are not uncommon.   Working on a film set seems like a glamorous job--working with actors and getting to be part of something big -- but as with any job there can be significant risks if basic safety procedures are not followed.

In D.C., Maryland and Virginia, when a worker is killed on the job, their dependents are entitled to workers compensation benefits.  If another person or company (not their employer) causes the death, the worker's family can file a wrongful death case as well against the company or individual who was responsible for the worker's death.

For more information this story head over to The New York Times.

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