The Workers Comp Insurance Company is Spying on You - And You May be Letting them Hurt Your Case!

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Workers Comp Insurance Companies Don't Want to Pay You

Especially if you are a high wage earner, making good money, and you need surgery or have a serious medical condition, you need to read this.

Definitely if you can't work because of the injuries and need ongoing treatment and rehab.

If that's the case, you will cost the insurance company too much money - in benefits while you can't work and medical treatment they will have to pay.

So they will spy on you.

They will fire investigators to sit outside your home, waiting for you to leave so they can follow you.  They will make up a story and knock on your neighbors' doors, pretend they are doing a reference check or selling insurance or something and they will ask all about you - does he work, do you see him much, that's a nice lawn - does he cut it himself, I hear he's handy, does he work on his cars, do you do anything together, where does he go, how does he seem to get the picture.

They will sometimes set this up when they know you will be at a certain place, say one of your doctor's appointments, or - this is a workers comp insurance adjuster favorite - have them follow you and videotape you when they schedule you for an IME exam with one of their doctors.  

That way when you tell their doctor you can't bend, but can get in to your car, they can try to use it against you.  I know, BS, right? (By the way, this never works)

As long as you're not working while out on workers comp collecting benefits (that's fraud) and not doing things that are way outside your doctor's restrictions that is.

That would cause you to lose a lot of money, and worse, so don't do it.

So don't spy on yourself either!

Seriously, we're seeing this more and more - workers comp insurance companies investigation all of your social media after you file a claim or have a serious work injury.  Don't give them anything they can use to deny your claim or stop your benefits.  So avoid anything that could be misconstrued as your being able to do things you can't do because of your injury.

All workers comp insurance companies are getting more sophisticated in how they approach this, and know people let their guard down on social media.  And unfortunately, even if you are right, it can take a long time to get your benefits turned back on again - remember, there is a lot of delay built into the system.

Need help making sure you don't make a mistake that will kill your workers comp case? (Most people's a complicated system that favors insurance companies and their adjusters, nurses, case managers, investigators, doctors and lawyers all know it)

Just call us at 202-393-3320 and we'll answer your questions and send you a free book on workers comp!  But don't wait - insurance adjusters are trained to force you into mistakes that save them (and cost you) money.


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