If You Have Been in a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault, Do Things The Right Way From the Beginning.

Because, let's face it, insurance companies count on people making mistakes.  They know that some people will hurt their own case and their chances of recovering for the medical bills, lost income, pain and other damages they suffered.  Insurance companies love it when people make mistakes. Click here to find out more about why you can't trust insurance companies after a serious accidentWhat Should I Do After A Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault

So Contact us Today So You Can Do Things the Right Way After Your Accident.

For example, one of the most important things you need to do after an accident is get all the information—this includes the other driver’s name, address, owner of the car or truck, and insurance information. Be sure to take photographs of the cars, get the police officer’s information and report number, and the names and contact information of all witnesses. Click here to understand what you should do after an accident

These Can All Help Prove the Accident Was Not Your Fault and was Caused By the Other Driver.

Remember, the driver who hit you may tell his or her insurance company a very different version of what happened – blaming you, another driver, anything or anyone that allows him to avoid responsibility.  And his insurance company may use that bogus story to say the accident was your fault, or even try to sue you!

If You Were Seriously Hurt in an Accident, Call Us Now To Do Things the Right Way from the Beginning and Avoid Problems Later.

Even if we can't help you or you don't want a lawyer (some people don't even need a lawyer for their accident case) we'll send you a FREE, no obligation  book about the process and what to expect after an accident in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in the D.C. Metro Area.   Call us today at 202-393-3320 and we'll get it right to you or download a copy right now.

You'll learn a lot about how the system works after being hurt by another driver's negligence, like:

  • Why the insurance company wants to take your recorded statement (and whether you should let them)
  • How, when and why to use your health insurance to pay for the medical treatment you need after an accident
  • What you need to prove to win your case
  • 5 Mistakes most accident victims make
  • Whether you even need a lawyer for your case or should handle it on your own.

Read it in the privacy of your own home and then if you have questions or need more specific information for you and your family, just call us.  You'll get to speak to a real, live person in our office - not some call center like some law firms use. We set aside time every week to answer questions about serious car and truck accidents in the D.C. area.  Even if we can't help you, we'll do our best to answer your questions, and get you started on the right track.

After A Serious Injury From a Car Accident You Need to Contact A Lawyer Before You Speak To The Insurance Company Or Sign Any Forms

If you've been in a serious car accident, the insurance company is going to be calling you and asking you for a recorded statement and to sign forms. Don't talk to them until you've contacted an experienced car accident lawyer. Contact us today at 202-393-3320 and you will speak to an experienced Case Assessment Specialist who wants to hear your story.
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