The premium for medical malpractice insurance has dropped for a fifth year in a row - further proving that the "liability crisis" is a farse.

According to Medscape, the premium for medical malpractice insurance has dropped for the fifth year in a row. In fact, in 2012, rates dropped for obstetrician/gynecologists, general internists, and general surgeons.

This is a further example of a made up “liability crisis” or medical malpractice crisis that the American Medical Association (AMA), insurance industry and their lobbyists love to perpetrate, especially around election time.

We don’t have a perfect system by any means.  Too many states limit the rights of people injured or killed by medical malpractice because doctors, hospitals and HMOs chose not to put patient safety first.  Too many doctors and nurses are overworked or put in system that fails patients – by not requiring follow up on tests that have been ordered, not supervising interns and residents, and not talking to patients about potential diagnosis, treatment and management.

So we need a system that protects patients, by putting patient safety first, and holds healthcare corporations accountable for their choices when they don’t put patient safety first and those choices lead to serious injury or death for the patient.

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