Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys Hold DC Hospitals Accountable

As experienced medical malpractice lawyers, helping people with catastrophic injuries for more than 25 years, we've had cases against every major hospital in the D.C. area and Baltimore.  A lot of settlements, a lot of trials.  We've written a lot about medical malpractice cases, taught other lawyers how to hold hospitals accountable in malpractice cases and worked with a lot of physicians, nurses and specialists on the medical issues.

And one thing is for sure - we do things our way.

If you have a catastrophic injury, you should investigate medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Case in DCThe best medical malpractice lawyers start with the injury or medical condition you (or your child or family member) has and work backward from there to show how and why the injury or medical condition happened and how it could have been prevented.

So we start with the severity of the injury because we know those are the people who most need our help, the ones we can use our experience to make the biggest difference in their lives.

What types of injuries or medical conditions are involved in medical malpractice?

Any injury or medical condition that is permanent and prevents someone from caring for themselves can be the basis for a malpractice case.  Common medical conditions and injuries we work with to help people include:

Of course there are other serious medical conditions caused by medical malpractice.  But these are a good example of the types of injuries or conditions that limit a person's ability to care for himself or others, to earn a living, to provide for a family.

Many times, someone is harmed by medical malpractice but the injuries or medical condition isn't severe enough for us to investigate whether medical malpractice occurred.  That's not to minimize someone's injury or suffering - it's because of the process we've developed over 25 years that we limit the number of cases we handle and the number of people we represent at any one time. 

Medical malpractice cases are a very specialized area of the law, and as lawyers we've developed that specialty to really make a difference in people's lives.  But because of that, we can't help everyone.

Why does medical malpractice happen in a DC hospital?

Most of the time, we find that medical malpractice in a D.C. hospital happens because of a systems failure.  That means that it is rarely a mistake made by one doctor, nurse, medical technician or other healthcare provider.  

Hospitals are run by health care corporations.  They have a duty to keep their patients safe.

So they need systems in place that catch medical mistakes before they harm someone, that make sure a medical mistake is not repeated, to make sure the right specialists are called in, the right tests ordered. 

Sometimes it's a matter of follow up - we have seen malpractice cases where the hospital discharged a patient before the tests results came back (the doctor ordered the right test but never got the results) or the test is done but communicated to the wrong physician's group.

Or an intern or resident doesn't have the experience to recognize a serious or fatal condition and doesn't call an attending physician to evaluate a patient.

Our medical malpractice lawyers have the experience to guide you after a serious injury. Contact us today.

The best advice is - don't wait to call.  All cases have time frames to file a case and some take time to investigate (there are rules in DC, Maryland and Virginia for lawyers to file before ever filing a medical malpractice case, so they are different than a car crash or construction accident case).

But the best reason not to wait is - you and your family need the help now.  If you have a severe injury or medical condition, a successful medical malpractice case can help with the financial picture - getting you the specialized services, home modifications, and medical care you need.

If you're faced with this situation, call us today at (202) 393 - 3320.

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