This anti-accountability campaign aims to keep everyday Americans out of the courtroom, preventing them from exercising their right to seek justice for injuries.

Earlier this month the House Judiciary Committee started its anti-accountability campaign, a campaign that aims to keep hard working, regular Americans out of the courtroom. They are arguing that cases brought against negligent businesses are keeping American businesses from competing with other international businesses.

Basically, the insurance industry and the usual suspects are trying to get out of being held accountable for dangerous and faulty products or services they sell so they can continue to sacrifice consumer safety in exchange for profits.

The campaign started off with testimony from the CEO of Blitz USA, Rocky Flint. Blitz USA is the company that makes those red gas cans you see everyone toting around at gas stations. These gas cans are actually bombs waiting to go off – literally. When a flame is brought to the mouth of these red gas cans, they explode.

Instead of installing the inexpensive device that would stop this from happening, at an extra 4 cents per can, Blitz USA ignored the threats to their consumers’ safety and did nothing. They ignored the serious injuries and deaths caused to both adults and children due to their hazardous product.

If companies choose to make a profit over promoting consumer safety then they should be held responsible for the harms they cause. Innocent Americans who are harmed by products or services should have the right to hold its distributors responsible – whether it be Blitz USA and their dangerous red gas cans or a healthcare provider who chose to ignore patient safety and committed a preventable medical error.

At Donahoe Kearney, we strive to fight and advocate for innocent Americans who have been harmed by negligence. We want to hold medical providers responsible in hopes that it will encourage them to prioritize patient safety and make medical care safer for the rest of our community. So we can only hope that this anti-accountability campaign doesn’t fool anyone, because the rights of everyday Americans are at stake. 

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