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When You Have a Serious Injury or Medical Condition, Where Do You Turn?

When you get right down to it, we focus on one thing: defending your rights and interests against insurance companies so you can focus on getting better - healing, rehab, and recovery after a serious injury. By design, we only handle a few kinds of cases, the ones that really make a difference in peoples’ lives.  

Here's how we help people with serious injuries and medical conditions in and around Washington, D.C.:



When it comes to disability claims, the fight just isn’t fair. Disability insurance companies write the policies to limit your ability to challenge them, and worse, the insurance companies know many people with legitimate, disabling medical conditions who cannot work will just give up and never take on the insurance company after their claim is denied. But that’s why we’re in this business - to appeal those decision for people who deserve long term disability benefits. 


When a hospital, HMO, or doctor doesn’t follow the rules that keep patients safe, and there is no system for preventing medical mistakes, catastrophic, life-changing injuries can happen. Our medical malpractice cases hold the hospital systems accountable so that your financial future is taken care of  - so you have the resources for the future medical care, medical treatment, services, modifications to your home, therapy and everything else you need because of your injury or condition.  And our goal in these cases is always to make our community safer.


If you get injured at work, don’t rely on your employer or their insurance provider to give you all the necessary information or file all the necessary paperwork. Your employer might mean well, but they don’t know everything you need. Additionally, the workers’ comp insurance company will have their lawyers, adjusters, nurses, and investigators working to deny or minimize their payout to you. Don’t fight that battle on your own.


Car accidents can lead to hospitalization, surgeries, rehab, and medical bills, plus the worries about how you will feed your family. And insurance companies will make sure to compensate you for as little as they possibly can. Know the facts, document everything, don’t speculate about any part of the accident with anyone, and give us a call. We’ll make sure you’re still able to get around town happy and in good health.

If you ever need an attorney for any serious injury or want great information we have published on any of these areas of law, make Donahoe Kearney your go to law firm in the Washington, D.C., area.

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