If this is you, you should definitely apply!

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 Here’s what we are looking for:


Paralegal/Legal Assistant

  • Friendly, gregarious, good communicator, unflappable
  • Self-Starter, efficient and competent
  • With some legal assistant experience, but a flexibility and willingness to learn new things
  • Advanced/Expert/Native Spanish Speaker
  • Absolutely great on the phone and with people
  • Tech-savvy and Proficient at Word and Excel (on Macs)

If this is you, you should definitely apply!

We are a small law firm in Washington, D.C. representing people with serious injuries and we're looking for an outstanding legal assistant, to help us deliver the best legal services to our clients, make a positive difference in our clients' lives and help our business grow. Unless you can give absolutely 100% A+ customer service, please don't apply.

This is not your average legal assistant position. We're looking for someone with specific qualities which are more important than experience. We don't want anyone who is average or complacent and we are only interested in people looking for solutions (complainers, blamers or whiners need not apply). 

And because we are growing, once you master the fundamentals of this position there is always room to grow in your position.

Here's some of what you'll do:

Your caseload will be about 15% Native/Exclusive Spanish speakers, so you will definitely get to flex both your English and Spanish language muscles.

  • You will be in charge of client files, using our systems and checklists to make sure cases are progressing, calendars are updated and deadlines met.
  • You will file documents in court and with administrative agencies. 
  • You will communicate with real people (our clients). This is critical. You will deliver updates, help explain the process, answer questions and talk to new clients (our cases require a lot of communication by phone and email).
  • You will work as a Team Player: We're a small office. We play as a team, covering for each other, helping each other, making each other better.
  • You will have access to first-class training and systems to help you crush it. 
  • You will need to pass our intakes and training systems within your first 30 days.

We have a sense of urgency, efficiency and pacing in everything we do, and we are a small office so need someone who "gets it" and can work as part of our team. So, if you are slow or would rather deal with things tomorrow, don't apply because you won't make it past the first round of the application process...

Here are the specific instructions on how to apply:

You should check us out first at www.donahoekearney.com to make sure you understand what we do and would be committed to helping our clients. Then, send an email to [email protected]llp.com with the subject line: I Want to Help. Your email should include a letter of interest with specifics that set you apart as the ideal candidate for us and specifically why you'd like to work here based on this ad, plus a resume.

Salary Commensurate with Experience.


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