Recovering From A Professional Sports Injury In Washington, DCProfessional Sports Injuries Qualify For Workers Comp in DC

Imagine you're in a job where you have to compete every single day to keep your job, often work 14 hour days, travel all the time, can't eat or drink what you want because you have to be in top physical condition, have given up a huge chunk of your life to dedicate to the job, since you were a kid, and it is so physically demanding that you are risking injury every day.

Sounds like you're a hockey player.

Even pro athletes need protection when they are seriously injured on the job (playing or practicing).  That's why pro athletes can get workers comp benefits in DC.  But a lot of people don't know that.  Remember, you're on the job - working every day to make money for the league, the team, the owners, the sponsors, the TV stations, even the bars and restaurants around Capital One Arena make money because you play.

Caps players, like any other pro athletes, have paid their dues since they were kids.  To be a pro athlete, you have to give up a lot growing up, and you just can't eat, drink, or work out like the rest of us do.  It's all different. And you've been doing it since you were a teenager, or even younger.

Serious Injuries Are Common Among Hockey Players And Other Professional Athletes in DC

It's hard to get exact statistics but the reality is most NHL players suffer injuries while playing - concussions, shoulder, knee and ankle injuries are common. Most pro athletes in DC don't know you can get workers comp benefits for permanent injuries even after your career is over, and these can help you financially as you transition to a new line of work.

So what happens when an injury ends your career? Or cuts it short? Or limits the money you can make?

Hopefully, you or your agent call us.  We literally wrote the book on workers comp in DC and we help people in all kinds of high wage earning jobs who get hurt at the peak of their career.  In fact, all we do is help people with serious injuries. 

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