I was severly hurt on 6/20/13 brought to the hospital by ambulance from work. There was 30 people who saw the accident caused by my companys trainer. My leg was litterly twissed all the way around. Sent home from Er with instuctions to go see the ortho surgen in the morning. Ortho had no openings so i went to my doctor. He got me in with ortho on monday.Found a blood clot and that's all I've recived treatment for since. They cancelled my specialist doctors appointment and my MRI. Stuck in bed ( cause my leg has to be Elevated at all times or my foot sweels and turnes purple) all day in pain and still have no idea what is wrong with me. Can they denie me medical treatment when the injury is so servere. My case has been under investigation for 4 weeks they said there waiting on medical records. But talked to my doctors and they haven't requested them. What do I do!!
by Linda July 20, 2013 at 12:17 AM
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