Injuries at Work Compensation Claims By Eoin P. Campbell, LL.B., Solicitor Claims for injuries at work are often a delicate issue because the employee usually wishes to remain working for the employer and does not want to damage working relationships. This requires a solicitor to proceed with a claim for injuries at work in a way that reduces the risk of damaging confrontations. The first issue to be considered when pursuing a compensation for an injury sustained in the workplace is whether a work injury has, in fact, been sustained. The plaintiff (the person making the claim) must have sustained some form of injury either physical or psychological in the course of his or her employment. Even where an employer has acted negligently, even criminally so, it should be noted that, with regard to the civil law, a potential plaintiff can only claim compensation for a personal injury, loss, or damage that he or she has in fact sustained. A near miss – other than where it can be proven to have caused, for example, a severe psychological trauma – is not sufficient to justify compensation being awarded. “Injuries at work” do not necessarily always result from the direct action of an employer. The failure to provide and maintain a safe working environment for staff be it through lack of action or training and any other form of contributory negligence where it is apparent that the employer did not take the precautions required to protect employees from possible injury will almost certainly result in the employer being held liable for those injuries.
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Employees have a right to be protected at the work place. However, accident at work compensation are common, where many may have suffered or know someone who has suffered. Once an accident happens at a workplace, there are steps that one can take. Report the accident at work, Document the accident at work, Contact a solicitor about the accident at work, Follow your solicitors advice about the accident at work claim
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