Turn Your "Can'ts" into Cans

So as medical malpractice and injury lawyers, we're often inspired - awed really - by some of the people we represent.  Regular people like you and me and their families who have gone through a catastrophic life-changing injury or condition due to medical mistakes, work injury or serious accident.  People who never give up - no matter how many surgeries they need, how much pain they're in, or how much care their disabled child needs.

And I was watching Super bowl coverage last week (full disclosure: I picked the Broncos to win big and everyone else here picked Seattle...) and Trent Dilfer, a former Ravens quarterback who won a Super Bowl and is now an analyst, said that Seattle was a team that:

"turned it's can'ts into cans"

And Russell Wilson always asked "Why not me?" and "Why not us?"  Great questions - in football and in life.

Here's some real life examples of people I know who turn can'ts into cans - no names but these are real people:

  • A mom who never believed her premature son was "different" like the doctors all said and picked up and moved her family to a place with the best resources for her son - who is now reading at grade level.  And by the way, the mom is getting her nursing degree (talk about giving back).
  • Parents who wake up every 2 hours every single night to turn their adult daughter who is paralysed because of medical mistakes, to prevent skin breakdown - and by the way, the young lady's skin is as beautiful as a newborn baby's.
  • A young man paralysed from the waist down because of hospital malpractice - he's learning to drive and getting a college degree.
  • A former law enforcement officer injured near the end of his formidable career, with multiple serious injuries, surgeries and pain who is there for his kids and hasn't lost his New Englander's wit.

We're lucky - we get to talk to people who remind us that: 1) most people's can'ts aren't all that bad; and, 2) they can be turned into cans. 

When it comes to law cases, there are heroes out there. Whether it be a personal injury case or divorce case, people can turn things around. My sister recently got divorced through http://www.stephenbrowndorflaw.com/divorce-law/. She has been handling the situation well and turning her "can'ts" into "cans."
by Jen Kirk March 26, 2014 at 09:53 PM
A lot of can'ts can be turned into cans. There are many sad situations that the most amazing people turn around. A friend of mine is a family lawyer and he has told me some of the most inspiring stories of people that have made the most of what they have. Jen Kirk | http://www.mbdglaw.com/pages-added/family.php
by Jen Kirk March 21, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Those are very inspiring stories. It is comforting to know that people going through difficult times still pull through and make the most of the situation. I heard about a woman who was facing bankruptcy and medical bills. She said she went through one day at a time. Now she is earning her college degree and is financially stable. Elisa Jed | http://kansascitybankruptcy.com
by Elisa Jed March 5, 2014 at 07:52 PM
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