Fatal accidents involving teenagers reduced by the number of people in the car.

We all know or remember teenagers who were killed in car accidents - and we all have the same gut wrenching, sinking feeling every time we hear of a fatal accident involving a teenager.  The sense of loss - of the future, of promise, of life - is overwhelming.
Not all of our laws really do what they intended, but relatively recent laws are keeping drivers safer in D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

The law restricts the number of people new drivers can have in the car at any one time.  Many of us can remember dangerous situations brought on by too many friends in the car when we were young, but statistics are telling us what we knew all along - the risk of accidents increases with more passengers in the car. 

A recent study by AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety shows the risk of a fatal teen accident increases by almost half when a 16 or 17 year old driver has 1 teenage passenger, it doubles with 2 teenage passengers and it quadruples with 3 or more.
Of course its not just up to police to enforce this law - its up to parents.

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