This Labor Day, take a minute and thank a hard worker who built this great country. Hard working people built this country - laborers, electricians, carpenters, steamfitters, plumbers, nurses, maids, bus drivers - and they keep it running.

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because it celebrates our country’s roots and history.  Many of us are, have been or come from the American working class – I’m certainly in this group.  I started working in junior high, worked construction through high school and college and come from a long line of laborers, police officers, union plumbers, etc. So there was never a doubt I would choose the law practice I have – helping working people, patients and families.  And Keith’s got the same background as me, one we share with many of you.  And it’s that shared background that is what’s really important, whether you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, St. Patrick’s Day, Black History Month, Christmas, Hannukah, etc., etc.

We all hear a lot of media and politicians being down on working people these days. But remember the water main crisis in Prince George’s county this summer? It was going to leave the county without water, shut down businesses, close National Harbor.  Who fixed that and avoided all that mess?  Two guys with a wrench who wouldn’t give up.

Happy Labor Day.

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