Just like Major League Baseball, you need an All-Star team working for you after a serious injury.

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Tonight's All Star game is a good reminder for lawyers who represent people - whether they've been hurt by the medical system, at work or in an accident.  Here in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, there are certain things to look for in a lawyer to make sure you get the service you deserve.

Like ballplayers, not all lawyers are created equal - you need a specialist working for you after a serious injury.  So what do you look for?  What makes an All-Star law firm?

  • Board Certified Lawyers - the kind of pros who have the experience and taken the time and money to develop skills, pass the all day exam and get recommendations from judges and other lawyers.  If they've invested in added qualifications and education, you'll benefit (plus, it shows a certain dedication and work ethic that they'll bring to your case)
  • Happy Clients - look for reviews of real people they've helped (lots of them).  What do real clients who have been through the same thing you're going through say?  All-Stars will give you this information.
  • Experienced Staff - All-Star firms focus on helping you and your specific situation - you, you, you.  So how are you treated when you call?  With courtesy, respect and professionalism?  Or as an interruption?
  • Knowledge - All Star firms have lawyers who have published books, guides and reports in the specialized areas they practice in? Can these publications help you and your family?  Every area of the law is complicated these days and the best lawyers focus on only a few very limited practice areas, so the lawyer who wrote your will is probably not the best choice for your sister's medical malpractice case.
  • Case selection - All-Stars are very selective in who they represent.  Do you want a law firm where you're part of a mill, just a number, with a case handled by a young associate just out of law school in a firm that takes every case to pay for its advertising budget?

Serious injuries - where you need surgery, can't work to pay your bills, need a lot of medical care in the future and have to try to get your life back - require serious lawyers.

If you'd like to discuss a situation in confidence, for you or someone you know, call or send us an email.  We'll get you good information you can use, even if we can't represent you.  That's what All-Stars do.


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