Does it cost anything to meet with a medical malpractice lawyer after a serious injury in a D.C. hospital?

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We set aside time every week to talk to people who have been harmed by the medical system - patients and their families who have been seriously, permanently injured by a doctor, hospital or HMO.  The call is confidential, free and there is no obligation.

We do this because, even though we have published books, guides and reports on resources available for seriously injured children, medical malpractice, and preventing medical mistakes, sometimes the best way to get information that can help you and your family is by talking about your situation.  And we listen to you.

We don't charge for the call or for any initial meeting with you.  We are selective, and turn down far more cases than we accept (and there is no charge if we don't think we can help you - in fact, we will try to refer you to someone who can).

Once you agree that we are the right medical malpractice law firm for you and yoru family,  there is no charge at all unless we ultimately win your case.

We don't want anyone who has been seriously hurt by the medical system to not be able to meet with us because of cost - that should not be a determinig factor when you and your famly are dealing with medical mistakes that have caused serious, permanent harm.

So call us today and arrange for a call this week, and order one of our free books, guides or reports.

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