The Donahoe Kearney, LLP, newsletter hits its 2 year anniversary. Check out our newest edition for June and sign up to receive your very own copy.

Check out some of the amazing articles we have in store for you in The Brief. We are also celebrating our 2nd year of putting out The Brief. Please celebrate with us and download your free copy today! 

We tried to do a little something different this time. We wanted to open up a discussion with our clients. Tell us what you like or do not like about the newsletter, as well as, what you want to see in our future newsletters. 

We started the newsletter as a way to connect and keep in touch with our clients. The Brief serves as a way to give our clients and friends  information, news and updates that aren't boring, canned or "legalese". We came across a quote: "A good newlsetter is like a cup of coffee with a friend", and that's the way we think of it. And after 2 years, we can use some feedback from you. So, tell us what you think, and you could earn yourself a gift card from Dunkin' Donuts -- for that cup of coffee (sorry, no skim soy latte triple frappes here, we are a working class law firm after all).

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Click the photo to download your copy of The Brief today!

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