Two Important Tips for your Workers Compensation Case

Two Quick Tips for Dealing with your Workers Compensation Case

1. Do NOT miss a medical appointment

Be sure to keep all medical appointments, if you have to miss one reschedule it as soon as possible. Ongoing medical treatment is important for your recovery, but also for keeping your workers comp case on track. The doctor should send a medical report to the insurance company to verify your ongoing disability, authorize and pay for medical treatment, and issue a check for benefits.

Missing medical appointments will cause them to question everything about your case. Are you really injured? Are you working on the side? Did the accident happen like you said it did? Don't give them an opportunity to assume that every hard working American is faking or complaining. 

2. Get a disability slip (or out-of-work slip or doctor's note) every time you go to the doctor

Do NOT rely on the receptionist or nurse to fax this to us and the insurance company. Often they will get busy and forget to do it! Most insurance companies will stop paying benefits if they do not receive an up to date disability slip.           

For more information on how to get your workers' compensation case started, contact us and let us help you. Check out the resources section of our website for a free copy of our guide Union Workers Guide to Workers' Compensation.

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