Almost 18,000 killed on US roads already in 2016

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A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that nearly 18,000 people were killed in traffic fatalities already this year. This number is shockingly high, and it's more than the number of deaths that occurred in the same time period last year. 

What's causing the rise?

The study points to the Great Recession and our recovery from it - lower gas prices bringing more people back on the road, which inevitably increases the number of accidents and fatalities. How much more are we driving? We're driving an extra 50.5 billion miles MORE between January and June this year than we did last year.

The study released on Wednesday shows that the unexpected jump in fatalities is a 10% increase over last year's numbers. That may seem negligible, but it's pretty consequential. 

If this trend continues, we may see the largest percentage increase in traffic deaths since the 1960s.

And, what's worse, DC is the third worst place for safe driving in the country. So, we know that our region could be hit worse by an increase in traffic deaths on our public roads. 

What to do about the increase in traffic fatalities?

First, you can make sure you're prepared for an accident if it happens to you, that means getting all the information you can and knowing what you should and should not do right after an accident. And, that starts here. Order our Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in the DC Metro Area for a rundown on what happens in DC when someone is involved in a car accident that was not their fault. You need all the information you can get, and this popular guide provides it. 

Still, even careful drivers and drivers that know what they should do after an accident may still have an accident on our roads. If you were seriously hurt in an accident in our area - on I-66, 495, 395, on the beltway, or here in the District, contact us for help and next steps. Our case assessment is free and confidential, and you can start getting the help you need.  

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