A family spent 20 years fighting against insurance company greed.

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Sherri Berg's Jeep Grand Cherokee was struck as she pulled onto the highway, spun a few times and struck a pole. Fortunately for everyone involved, no one was hurt. This crash was not necessarily a big crash, but the court battle was a big one.  They proceeded to take on Nationwide Insurance.

The case has been dragging on for about 20 years now and last month the court ruled against Nationwide Insurance and it was hit with  $18 million in punitive damages, reported Philly.com. It was reported to being the largest punitive award ever handed down in the state of Pennsylvania. "Nationwide spent $3 million defending a claim over a Jeep it could have and should have replaced for $25,000" stated the judge.

When the accident originally occurred, the repairman had declared the vehicle a total loss. But Nationwide never told the family.  Instead, they they got a second appraisal, unbeknownst to the Bergs, and had it repaired for $12,500-- which is half of what it would have cost to replace the Jeep in its entirety. The Jeep was unsafe to drive. It was only when the Bergs got a call from a former mechanic, that they learned the truth about the car they had been driving. 

This family spent 20 years fighting its own insurance company because the company wouldn't do the right thing.

Do you really think insurance companies will take care of you?  Do you really think you can trust them?

This is an example of insurance companies taking advantage of customers and insurance company greed. Instead of replacing a dangerous and defective the car for their own policy holders (who had paid premiums for years, no doubt), they repaired a car that was deemed a total loss.

Don't take chances with your health, medical bills and ability to feed your family after a serious accident. You have too much to lose.

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