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Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe

For 20+ years, our former client, award-winning marketing communications executive Rozanne Weissman, worked on voice-activated computer software fr her employer and clients because of a disability.
Rozanne’s dreams of writing ‘a bestseller’ were dashed when her doctor took her off computers 3+ years ago. Now she unexpectedly produced a children’s book!
She focused her energies on being healthier for bucket list wildlife travel—to rain forests of Borneo with the world’s leading primatologist on orangutans—“like traveling with Jane Goodall to see chimpanzees.” She went to Africa to see elephants and elusive leopards. Of the group, Rozanne was the ONLY one to see FIVE leopards—including two cubs!  Last year Rozanne went to other parts of Africa to see her first penguins in the wild, adopt a baby orphaned elephant, and kiss a giraffe.
The executive director of Jubilee Jumpstart, a bilingual infants -pre-K school in Adams Morgan DC where Rozanne volunteers, asked her to do a children’s book of her three wildlife trips with her wildlife photos “for the children” (pull the heartstrings).
But HOW with permanent hand/wrist disabilities, vision issues, and no computer?
Undeterred, the author produced the 36-page children’s book on her small iPhone 8 screen— dictated on Siri and laid out in the SimplePrints app with no typography options! It took forever. Now it’s on Amazon with good customer reviews in time for holiday presents for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews ages 2-9 who love animals/wildlife:
Rather than wonderful illustrations and imaginary situations in most children’s books, “Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe” takes children on three REAL personal wildlife journeys with real full-color iPhone photos of animals—and even emojis in the text to make reading easier. It has been tested with children. And all this despite a disability! 
“Yes, it was painful but worth it,”says Rozanne.
Rozanne reports that her “book consultant,” age 3 1/2, wants to kiss a giraffe, too.
Former Client Rozanne Weissman is an award-winning PR professional and runs her own company Rozanne Weissman & Associates. 
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