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Here's a problem when you're injured in D.C. on the job or

due to a work related accident. 

The insurance company can send you to a functional capacity exam (FCE) to get clarification on your work restrictions or limitations.  What's wrong with that - absolutely nothing, as long as the FCE facility is not in the tank for insurance companies (and most of them are).

The FCE could be just another way for them to limit your benefits

and try to "fast track" your recovery.

Just like certain IME (Independent, or as we like to call them, Insurance Medical Exam) doctors making tons of money from insurance companies to examine an injured worker for 2 minutes and dictate a 5 page report, there are certain biased facilities that administer Functional Capacity Evaluations. 

Here's what we've seen with some of our clients:

If the person who is hurt can't lift enough to do their job because of the injury, some of these physical therapists will try to say he is "exhibiting pain behavior" or has "low pain tolerance" or is limited due to perceived pain, etc. - all components of "symptom magnification." And this is usually assessed without the benefit of knowing the client or being familiar with their treating physician.

Does a physical therapist have the education, background and training to make that determination?  Of course not.  But if the insurance company pays for it, they will probably say it.


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