Real injury lawyers representing hard working legitimate people who have been seriously injured hate it when people fake injuries and try to scam claims.

As a lawyer, I've fought against Metro for years - for people who had serious injuries.

But no one was happier than me when Metro caught a crook who faked an injury and filed a claim against them.

Did you see this story?  A guy faked  his own slip and fall coming off a Metro elevator.  He looked up at the camera two or three times and then pulled out a banana peel (sounds like a bad joke, but its true) and "slipped" on it.  When he cooked up a "claim" for being "hurt" he got caught and referred to the police.

I hope they throw this guy in jail.

You see, he is stealing from all of us - but especially from hard working Americans hurt through no fault of their own.  Not only does a case like this waste time, money and resources, delaying justice for deserving people, it taints everyone - and makes people suspicious of those who have been seriously injured by another driver, a hospital, at work, who are fighting to get what they need to feed their families, pay medical expenses and get the treatment they now need.

Those are my kind of people.  This guy on the elevator is stealing from them. 

That is great! I am glad that someone trying to fool the system actually got caught. It is so frustrating that people like that take time and money away from those who are doing the best they can in a system that is designed to help. Garrack Kert |
by Garrack Kert January 16, 2014 at 07:24 PM
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