When thinking about injuries that can occur on the job, how many of us think about professional athletes? Some of us may not think it, but what they do is considered their ‘job’. They train and practice hard and participate in games and matches for our entertainment, all the while getting paid annually. Much like a regular job, the pay is based on experience, performance and the ability to do the job.

Many athletes suffer from many injuries during the course of a season and most continue to play, even when doctors advise against it. Take American football for example. Many players may suffer from one to two concussions per season (sometimes more than that). While many injuries are common; like turf toe, pitchers elbow and etc, serious head and spinal cord injuries are finally getting more attention. Most athletes feel like they have to keep playing and say they are feeling fine even if they aren’t for the sake of the game. But we know now that repeated blows to the head can lead to bigger problems down the road like dementia and other forms of brain damage.

If athletes get hurt and can no longer do their job, what can they do about it? Much like a person at a ‘regular’ job, they can file for workers compensation and get the information they need to protect their health, career and family.  Now officials are trying to take precautions to make playing the game safer. It’s sort of like the training one would get at a labor intensive job to prevent employees from falling off of ladders and back injuries due to improper lifting techniques. Everyone, even athletes need to be protected on the job.

If you have been hurt on the job and have questions, please contact us and we may be able to assist you in your case.  We help pro athletes, union workers, construction workers and lots of other people with workers compensation cases.

For more information on on the job injuries, please pick request a copy of Protect Your Rights: the ultimate guide to D.C. workers' compernsation  and The Union Worker's Guide to Worker's Comp.

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