Do I Have to Cooperate with a Nurse Case Manager in DC Workers Comp?

Have you experienced bullying and manipulation coming from your nurse case manager? We sometimes hear stories like this one. We will call this gentleman John (not his real name). John had a serious knee injury requiring surgery and he was assigned a nurse case manager by the Hartford when he filed his claim. Here's what she had to say about John when he initially filed his claim:

The gentleman is a high-wage earner with a serious knee injury that prevents him from doing his regular job.  He recently moved out of the area and had to see a doctor near him to treat the knee injury.  He chose a specialist who had treated him before for a different medical issue.

So far, so good right?  In DC workers comp, you get to choose your own doctor and a serious knee injury that requires surgery means you need a knee specialist.

But then the nurse case manager - hired by the insurance company and working only for the insurance company - went to the new doctor's appointment and didn't like what she was hearing from the doctor - the injured worker could not return to work, needed additional treatment (injections) and may need a knee replacement (sounds expensive for the workers' comp insurance company). 

So the nurse wants him to go to another doctor and said she would choose one "closer to her."  Doesn't want him to go to the knee specialist who treated him before and knows him. Why would a nurse case manager working for the workers comp insurance company want you to change doctors to one she recommended?

Is she truly interested in your medical care and recovery - getting you the best testing, treatment and rehab for your injury?  Or does she want you to go to one of their insurance doctors and keep costs down?

Our Experienced Workers Comp Lawyers Can Fire Your Nurse Case Manager.

That nurse case manager is no longer on the case.  Because we fired her.

Secret's out: A nurse-case-manager is hired by the insurance company to "assist" the injured worker - usually by preventing, denying and delaying medical treatment for the work injury. 

You see, most people don't realize that in D.C., you don't have to put up with these nurses who work for the insurance company - their only job is to limit the cost of the medical treatment for the insurance company, and they do this by trying to meet with your doctor when you're not there, calling him, bothering him, and calling and meeting with you to "recommend" and "guide" your medical treatment.

DC workers comp is a complicated process that favors workers comp insurance companies and most lawyers don't even know this - so how could you?  But not knowing the law, rules and regulations of the workers comp system can cost you - financially, medically and emotionally.

You don't have to put up with it - our clients don't.

So don't let the insurance company nurse cause you any more harm - medically or financially.

Discover the Truth About Your DC Workers Compensation Case 

You're in a complicated system and it's not a fair fight.  The workers comp insurance company adjuster has handled thousands of workers comp cases for the insurance company and she has an army of lawyers, doctors, nurses, investigators, case managers all working against you from the minute you get hurt at work.

How do you get the help you need to protect everything you've worked so hard for? Contact our experienced DC workers comp lawyers today at 202-393-3320 and download our free book "Managing Your Nurse Case Manager" now to get more information on dealing with nurse case managers.

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