Preventable medical mistakes or errors don't happen when healthcare companies, HMOs and hospitals put patient safety first.  Patient safety means preventing mistakes using a variety or systems, guidelines, protocols and checks.

When investigative healthcare journalists analyzed the data from Las Vegas hospitals over a two year period they found 969 incidents of injuries or death from medical malpractice that should have been prevented.

Hopefully this type of reporting will lead to more transparency and accountability.  Click on the title above for additional information and a link to the article.

Reading in this article about children with Cerebral Palsy and all of these preventable incidents really makes me unconformable and uneasy about the current health care system. Thankfully I've never needed to turn to lawyers in Parksville to settle medical malpractice suits like this, but I'll be more vigilant after reading your article.
by Walter Henson August 20, 2013 at 05:16 PM
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