What Is Personal Injury in DC, Maryland, and Virginia?Personal injury cases in DC, Maryland and Virginia

You may see a lot of TV commercials of lawyers advertising for personal injury cases, or see a lot of ads on the internet. But the real question is - what is personal injury?

Let me tell you a story......

A grandmother was visiting her daughter in Washington, D.C.  Her daughter lived in an apartment complex on the first floor that was 5 steps up.  The apartment had a small back porch with a railing around it.  The grandmother had been cooking for her daughter and small granddaughter (who was asleep in one of the bedrooms).  She went outside on to the porch of the apartment to take in some fresh air.

She didn't know it but the apartment management company had allowed the railings to rot, had not inspected them and had not replaced them before the tenants moved in.  When the grandmother leaned against the railing, it suddenly gave way. She fell onto the concrete below, on her shoulder and hip.   

She couldn't get up and screamed for help - she was worried about her granddaughter inside - and a neighbor took the baby and called the mom to come home.  An ambulance came took the grandmother to the hospital and she had surgery for her injuries.

Who Was Responsible For the Grandmother's Injuries?

The apartment owners - one of the basic rules of managing an apartment complex is you have to inspect and maintain the property to make sure it's safe, and if they had done that, they would have replaced the safety railing. This is one type of personal injury case that we see in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Another Type of Personal Injury Law Is Called Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents, are car accidents or truck accidents that occur, which are not your fault, and another person has been found liable (at fault).  For example, another driver is texting and driving, runs a red light and T-bones your car.  That driver would be responsible for your injuries.

I can remember a story of a retired bus driver who was hit by a pick-up truck in a crash like this in Prince George's County.  He was hospitalized with significant, long-term injuries (had to have surgery) and after a long and expensive rehab, couldn't easily manage his bills or negotiate a settlement for himself, so we helped him. And he got all of his medical treatment covered, and a settlement to help him pay for his losses going forward.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind If You've Been in a Motor Vehicle Accident

1. Is it clear who was at fault - another driver, a company or an individual?

2. Do you have a police report, witness names and photos?

3. Did you document your injuries by going to the doctor or hospital right away?

4. Are you getting ongoing medical treatment?

5.  Are you getting close to the statute of limitations?

Are You Having A Hard Time Figuring It All Out? Don't Try To Do It alone.

Give us a call at 202-393-3320 and let our intake specialists guide you through the process of figuring out whether or not you can handle your personal injury case on your own, or whether we can help.

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