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An NPR article from 2016 a reported 250,000 people die annually due to preventable medical errors and malpractice. That ranks medical malpractice as number three in the cause of American deaths -- right behind heart disease and cancer.

20 years ago the number was 100,000 --

clearly the problem is escalating.

We've written about "never events" - a term healthcare providers, insurance companies and hospital administrators use for malpractice that should, as the term implies, never happen.  

But I just came across a term I'd never heard of - "scribblers".  That's what medical and hospital personnel call people - hospital patients and their family members - who write everything down.  They take notes on the medications, treatment, conversations with the doctors and nurses.  According to one presenter at a recent patient safety conference, they make the hospital staff nervous.

And more importantly, hospitals aren't improving much, according to a 2009 hospital patient safety survey.    

Read more about the patient safety conference at

And if one of your loved ones is in the hospital, be a scribbler. 

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