Client Service: A story of how we screwed up... and how we fixed it.

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Keith and I have worked really hard to build a law firm focused on helping people with serious injuries - that is all we do.  And if we make a mistake, we fix it.  But even more than that, Great Customer Service is literally the first of Donahoe Kearney's Core Values - the values that guide how we do everything.

So, I wanted to share parts of an email and information I got from a longtime client, when we screwed up, and some of my response. 

This is from a client who needs regular follow up with the insurance company (something we do every day for our clients). We followed up and got the treatment authorized, but during the whole process, did a terrible job of communicating with him.

Dear Frank:  ...I've grown reluctant to call the office is why I'm asking. My last encounter with someone after I spoke with you was more a dictation than a conversation.

 My response:

I will fix this - totally unacceptable on our part.  As you know, we focus (and spend a lot of time and money on) trying to provide excellent client service so when there is a breakdown I take it very seriously.  

Rest assured, there will be a firm wide meeting next week to address this.  And also, thanks for letting me know.  I really appreciate it - most people wouldn't and I would have no way of knowing this happened.  I've now spent 24 years building a reputation for excellent service and won't let anything tarnish that reputation.

Finally, it is absolutely my responsibility to set the standard and to hire, train and supervise everyone who works here so we all do the right thing and treat you right - so that failure is on me and I apologize for it.



We've all been there - when customer service breaks down.  Well, that may be OK in a doctor's office, retail store or restaurant, BUT NOT HERE.

It's all about how you act and how you speak with people - and if this ever happens to you, please let me know personally so I can take care of it.

We are in the process of implementing some new systems that will help us to keep you updated on your case, legal issues and other things that may affect you, and help us keep in touch by email.  Some of our emails may look different now but they are still from us, and so is all of the info, so please be on the lookout for these.  

While we're on the subject, do you have a concern or something you would like to hear from us about?  Just let us know! We will be sure to include it in a future newsletter or email.  Just send any questions or what you're wondering about to Brooke at [email protected]. Thanks!

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