Nurses in D.C. hospitals need workers' comp when they get hurt caring for patients

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We've all been grateful to a nurse for taking care of us or someone we love at some point in our life, but nurses work under strenuous conditions. They have a tough and physically demanding job - they're tasked with working with a number of different patients, turning them, moving them, and transporting them from room to room. Doing this for many hours at a time may cause physical stress, strain and injuries. 

In fact, back injuries are very common among nurses. They are so popular, that 35,000 of these injuries occur on the job every year as reported by NPR.   

So, do nurses get workers' compensation?

Yes, they do. Or at least, if you are a nurse, you have a right to workers' compensation.  Understanding workers' comp is tricky, that's why we give injured workers in the area our free report, 5 Common Mistake That Will Kill Your Workers' Comp Case and How To Avoid Them so that they can understand the system even before they think about hiring a lawyer. 

Workers' Comp works in the same way regardless of your profession - nearly every employer is required to have some form of workers' compensation insurance to compensate employees who are injured on the job, and nurses are no exception. Everywhere nurses work, like in hospitals, clinics, in-home medical care, etc. their employers should have workers' comp insurance to cover them if they are injured. 

Too many nurses think the hospital or healthcare company they work for will take care of them.  The reality is that the insurance company paying your benefits and medical treatment wants to reduce the amount of money it pays to you while you can't work and wants to limit your medical care - that's how insurance companies make money.  They'll never tell you about changing doctors, getting benefits for a permanent injury or much else that will benefit you.  Don't get caught in the middle. 

If you are a nurse and you have been hurt at work, give us a call today at 202-393-3320 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help. We know that nurses spend a great amount of time taking care of patients, and that sometimes they need to be taken care of themselves. 

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