Some athletes suffer brain damage from repeat concussions, need multiple surgeries all from their playing injuries

Does anyone really dispute that a number of NFL players have brain damage from multiple concussions sustained while playing?  Or that pro athlete's may require 5, 10, 15 or 20 surgeries to repair injuries they sustained while playing?

Here's an example of a bad law in CA - one that caves to the pressure of pro sports leagues lobbying.  According to the LA Times article, this law will severely restrict the ability of former players to get workers comp benefits.

Do some players file dubious claims for head injuries they don't really have or can't prove - probably.  But does that make it right to close the door on players with legitimate, life altering, permanent injuries that are a result of their job in pro sports?  Of course not.

As one lawyer quoted in the article says, it's an uninformed electorate caving in - many people think workers compensation is provided by the state or somehow affects the state.  It's not - it is simply private insurance employers buy.  It's like car insurance, professional liability insurance, etc.

And for every superstar making the big bucks, there are many, many players who play for only a year or two and whose careers are ended by injuries they sustained on the field, making lots of money for the leagues and owners they play for.

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