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If a child, patient or family is harmed by the medical system, the last thing they want is misinformation, empty promises or boasting from a lawyer about how great he or she is.  Families and patients want information on what happened to their child or family member, whether it could have been prevented, and what could make it better.  Did the doctors and nurses put the patient's safety first?  Did they recognize signs and symptoms of an illness, disease or injury?  

Many times, the investigation reveals the medical treatment was appropriate, the injury was not preventable or the condition would have occurred anyway.  And those families understand what happened, because no one ever explained it to them. 

Sometimes the investigation shows medical errors that were preventable.  When families find that out, they don't want revenge.  Their only thoughts are "How will I get my child's wheelchair up the stairs when he's a teenager?" or  "Who will take care of my special needs child when I'm gone?" Those families need information about their rights, and they need lawyers who will give them the information - both good and bad about the benefits and limitations of the legal system.

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