Multiples? C Section? Birth Injuries are more common with multiples or C-section deliveries

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Having multiples (twins) raises mothers' and babies' risk of sustaining an injury during birth. Even more, a lot of physicians consider and perform C-Sections solely because the mother is carrying multiples - sometimes increasing the risk of injury. 

Unfortunately, for pregnant women who undergo C-Sections, the risk of birth injury increases.

Here are some common reasons for C-Sections:

1) Placental problems
2) Mother with multiples
3) Diabetes
4) Infant already diagnosed with birth defect

No matter the reason for undergoing a C-Section, the risk of new medical errors is high because having to do another surgery always comes with risks. The consequences can sometimes be no fault of the hospital or doctor. 

But, sometimes birth injuries are direct consequences of medical mistakes, systems errors, and procedures not being followed by doctors, nurses, and hospitals. What are some of the more common injuries for mothers who undergo a C-section? What happens when doctors and hospitals don't follow clearly established procedures when they care for you?

1) Fetal Lacerations
2) Infant Breathing Problems
3) Delayed C- Sections  
4) Anesthesia Injuries
5) Infections
6) Blod Clots/Hemorrhaging

A birth injury can be devastating for the whole family - and we understand that at Donahoe Kearney. That's why we work so hard to make sure that we get to know you, your child, their injuries, so that we can make sure you're getting all the help you need to make sure the little one is living as full a life as possible. We like to do that by offering Guides and Resources, and speaking with parents who think medical negligence hurt their child. Contact us on our website here, or call us at (202) 393 - 3320 for a free consultation.

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