Because we have represented many people against Metro in D.C., a local reporter recently interviewed me about the damages available to the victims and families of those hurt or killed in the Metro train accident last week.  As usual, I gave her much more information on D.C. injury and death cases than she could use in the newspaper article.

Thankfully, there is no artificial cap on damages in D.C.  For the families of those killed, they should receive compensation for their loved one's medical and funeral expenses and lost future income.  If they left a minor child, additional damages are available for the loss of care, guidance and attention to the child. 

The damages of those passengers injured will depend - as in any case - on the extent of their injuries.  They will be entitled to fair but full damages for their medical expenses, lost income, pain, permanent injury, disfigurement.  And injured victims should also receive damages for the future effects of the injuries.

For the families of those killed or those severely injured in the Metro train accident, no settlement will replace what they lost.  It never does. 

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